About Being Bonkers

Debs & Renoir

Debs & Renoir

I’m Debs Jenkins – writer, marketer and learner horse rider!

When I hit 40 a couple of years ago I decided I would fulfill a lifelong ambition and learn to ride a horse. So, full of enthusiasm I had a few lessons and decided to buy myself a running, jumping horse! In the first two weeks I fell off 5 times, testing my airbag jacket to the max. 1 year later I fell off and broke my arm.

My confidence pops up and down like a piaffing pony, which brings me on to the main character of the blog, RPV Renoir II – my lovely horse!

Running, jumping horse...

RPV Renoir II running, jumping horse…

He’s a 15,2 hands selle frances, jumping sports horse. He was born in Madrid in 2000, I got him him when he was 11 and brought him down to livery in sunny Murcia, Spain. I love my horse!

I’ll be sharing my confessions – what I get right, what I get wrong, confidence issues, excitements and of course fun!

Everyone says I’m bonkers in the nut! I’ll let you decide.