1. I’ve dived with sharks.
  2. I can do a handstand – just!
  3. I’m a published author – I’ve written more than 20 books about marketing, writing, Spain, buying houses in Spain, starting and running a business…
  4. I own a cave house in Southern Spain.
  5. I have a first class degree in Electronics Engineering (ooh!)
  6. I was overweight (obese actually!) for more than 23 of my adult years.
  7. My favourite meal is a fried egg on a pile of well-cooked cabbage.
  8. I have six bin cats, 2 dogs and 5 chickens – and a crazy horse.
  9. I’m not very tall.
  10. I’ve done barrel rolls, loops, hammerheads and tailslides in an aerobatic 2-seater Chipmunk. I’ve also done 2 parachute jumps, paragliding and abseiling.
Debs & Renoir

Debs & Renoir