I’ve had my horses at home for 6 weeks and have studied them carefully (also known as sitting with a large Martini lazily watching them). I have noticed there are a few recurring games my boys like to play.

My personal favourite, and Rocco’s all time favourite, is Bum Kiss Chase. This involves quietly sneaking up on Renoir, biting his bum and running off, hoping he will chase him. And of course bite his bum in turn.

shh-hide-seekRocco also likes a bit of Hide & Seek. He really does think no one can see him when he’s hiding behind this poor half-eaten tree.

IMG_20150624_100248871_HDRAnd Renoir’s special game is Remove The Fly Mask – preferably 17 times per day. Closely followed in his favourite’s list by Remove Rocco’s Fly Mask.

What games do your horses play?