We had an impromptu photoshoot to celebrate one month of having the horses at home. Here are some gratuitously gorgeous photos of my lovely horses.


Next time I might have a shower, shower the horses and put some clean clothes on before the photo shoot, there’s only so much magic Photoshop can do!

One month of having both boys at home and I have learnt the following:

  • A hungry horse is a loud horse
  • A loud horse wakes everyone up, including the dogs, at stupid o’clock
  • No matter how strong and secure you think the fence is, it isn’t
  • The hay is always sweeter on the other side of the fence, especially when the fence is on the floor
  • Baby horses are like little brothers, they never leave you alone (sorry Joe!)
  • Renoir is the boss of everyone, including birds and cats
  • You actually have less time to ride your horse when you have him at home – poo picking anyone?
  • The easiest way to pick poo is with your hands, really!
  • A stationary tree is no match for a fast moving horse, nor a stationary horse with an itch

Here’s a bit of training. It almost looks like we know what we’re doing:

This is what really happens. Rocco runs off and hides in the shade and waits for me to come and fetch him! Renoir is a big grasser!