Renoir Chillaxing

Renoir Chillaxing

After our month of reduced work because of some pain and tenderness in Renoir’s back, I’ve been coming up with a plan to get both of our bellies and butts back into shape. So of course, the weather took an immediate turn for the worse to put a stop to all that. Rain, wind, nearby tornadoes…

Undeterred I went to visit horsey yesterday afternoon armed with stage one of The Plan. He was fast asleep in the corner of his stall out of the wind. Oops, he  mustn’t have got the email.

I decided to snuggle up alongside for a few minutes – I tickled his bottom lip and he fell asleep with his head in my hands – almost half an hour later we were still there cuddling. Bliss. I don’t blame him for not wanting to get up – it’s the coldest it’s been all this winter, with snow in many areas of Spain. And you thought it was all sunshine and flipflops down here on the coast! It took me a good while longer to encourage him to get up and when I got up I found he’d encouraged me to lie in the wet spot! Horse pee all over my jods.

I remembered a phrase I’d read recently about “riding the horse you’ve got” – well I had a big, sleepy, lazy munchkin – with a wet arena and plenty of wind. So instead of The Plan we decided on some horse yoga. Obviously, when I say we, I mean he, and when I say yoga I mean doing as little as necessary and as slowly as possible (well that’s my version of yoga).

So after our relaxing cuddle, I gave him a massage all over and some tail manipulation, which he loves! Then we saddled up and walked around the sloppy, slippy arena – obviously avoiding any puddles, because who knows what might be lurking. We did everything in a relaxed, chilled walk – with a lovely swinging gait and really good stepping through. We then did a little shoulder in and some half-passes and some small circles to get that back leg stepping under. I asked him if he fancied a bit of a trot, but he said no thanks. So we discovered that there were no monster snakes in the puddles and had a splash about, then practiced turns about the forehand, backing up and opening the gate and went for a walk around the whole yard – then of course a bit of grass munching. I finally got off him after a lovely hour of chillaxing.

Sometimes it’s good to forget the plan. We can always start again tomorrow. Oh, no – the farrier’s coming. Monday sounds like a good day to start!

Have a lovely weekend, places to go, horsey to ride 😉