10403722_10152187417446911_6071190611104450905_nOver the last couple of years I have taught Renoir to have his feet picked, be groomed and be tacked up loose – he doesn’t need to be tied. He will happily stand and let me pickup his feet, get rid of the stones and poo, clean him all over (including his boy bits), brush him, put a saddle on, put his bridle on and finally for me to climb on board whilst loose. He has the option to leave whenever he wants. He stands patiently, watching me, sometimes helping, sometimes looking at the sky, occasionally wandering off, but mostly being a very good boy!

Today we taught the baby (Rocco) to do the same. When I say “we” I mean me and my lovely boy, Renoir.

Today after I groomed Renoir, he monitored whilst I groomed Rocco. If Rocco moved Renoir stopped him with a nod of his head or a stern look. Then I picked their feet – Renoir first, then Rocco whilst Renoir monitored him. Any movement from Rocco was met with a flick of an ear from Renoir, or a swish of the tail.

Afterwards I free lunged Renoir, then he stood patiently in the middle with me whilst I free lunged Rocco. If Rocco stopped Renoir moved towards him and he moved on again. I was just the observer!

The baby learnt quickly from Renoir the Horse Whisperer.

He is available for consultation and will work for apples, carrots or polo mints!